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08/03/2011 - 09/03/2011

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Having driven much of the early development in Unified Communications, Voice is now moving beyond VoIP/IP deployment to areas such as voice-driven CRM and more. Trust VOICE 11, at Unified Communications Expo, for all the latest.

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CLOUD 11 is one of the most important areas of Unified Communications Expo. As the delivery model for so much of Unified Communications, how well do you understand the abilities - and appreciate the limitations - of cloud computing?

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Enterprise 2.0 is the way of the future for many organisations looking to leverage UC. The COLLABORATION 11 event area is your opportunity to explore how Enterprise 2.0 and associated emerging technologies could benefit your organisation.

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Device agnostic or device specific, plug and play solutions for mobile are empowering remote workforces everywhere. Trust MOBILE 11 to bring you up to speed on all the latest developments.

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Next generation visual solutions are sure to be a big draw in VISUAL 11 at Unified Communications Expo. There`s the promise of HD-quality desktop transmission, along with many other solutions to drive down costs and improve productivity.

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The world of customer communication is changing exponentially, with call centres undergoing radical transformation, and new initiatives, like Social CRM, dominating the agenda. Trust CUSTOMER 11 at Unified Communications Expo to teach you more.

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